8 Ways Your Pet Makes Your Life Better

Here are 8 Ways Your Pet Makes Your Life Better.

1. Pets may lower your cholesterol: Daily walks with your dog walks help to keep cholesterol in check.

2. Pets help relieve stress: Oxytocin is released when we look at companion animals, which brings feelings of joy.

3. Pets may reduce your blood pressure: Research has shown petting your pooch or kitty can bring down blood pressure.

4. Pets boost your fitness: Studies show that dog owners walk more than people who don’t have dogs. Dog owners are also more likely recommended levels of physical activity.

5. Pets help prevent allergies in children: Research suggests kids who grow up around animals may have a reduced risk of developing asthma or eczema.

6. Pets relieve depression: Animals give you something to focus on instead of negative thoughts. Pets also provide unconditional love and acceptance.

7. Pets ease chronic pain: Petting your animal releases endorphins, and they are powerful pain relievers.

8. Pets improve relationships: One study found that young adults with a deep bond to their pets felt more connected in their relationships and communities than those who didn’t.

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