9 Delicious Keto-Friendly Fast Food

Here are 9 fast-food options that you can enjoy on a ketogenic diet.

1. Bunless burgers are a simple, keto-friendly fast-food that will keep you satisfied when eating on the go.

2. Create a keto-friendly burrito bowl option by ditching the rice and beans and piling on your favorite high-fat, low-carb toppings.

3. Egg-based breakfasts are a perfect choice for people following a ketogenic diet. Skipping high-carb add-ons like toast, hash browns or pancakes is a must.

4. Skip the bun and up the fat to give fast-food grilled chicken sandwiches a keto-approved makeover.

5. There are lots of salad options on fast-food menus. Cutting out sweet dressings, fruit, croutons and breaded poultry can help keep the carb content of the meal low.

6. When following a ketogenic diet, stick with unsweetened tea, coffee with cream and sparkling water.

7. Skip the bun and ask for a burger wrapped in lettuce for a delicious high-fat, low-carb meal.

8. Unwiches are meals that consist of sandwich fillings without bread. Made up of meat, cheese and low-carb vegetables, they make an excellent meal choice for people on a ketogenic diet.

9. Many keto-friendly snacks, including hard-boiled eggs, jerky and nuts, are available at gas stations and convenience stores.

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