8 Surprising Benefits of Linden Tea

Here are 8 surprising benefits of linden tea.

1. Linden tea may promote relaxation by inhibiting your ability to become excited. However, human research on this effect is lacking.

2. Linden tea contains powerful antioxidants like tiliroside and kaempferol that help fight inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with many diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

3. linden tea may help reduce pain. Still, more research is needed to determine how much of the tea you would need to drink to reap this potential benefit and whether the amount would be safe.

4. Linden tea has been used in folk medicine to promote sweating and is thought to be a diuretic. However, scientific research to explore these claimed effects is warranted.

5. Folk medicine has used linden tea to lower blood pressure. The mechanism behind this effect is unknown and needs to be studied further.

6. Linden tea promotes sleep, but how it exerts this effect is limited to anecdotal evidence. More research is needed to understand the relationship.

7. linden tea may soothe your digestive system. Tiliroside, one of its plant compounds, has been shown to help fight infectious diarrhea. Still, more research is needed on linden tea specifically.

8. Adding linden tea to your diet can be as simple as brewing a good warm mug of it. To get the most antioxidants out of your tea, steep your tea loose without filtered bags.

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