Why Eggs Are a Killer Weight Loss Food

Eggs have a few unique properties that make them egg-ceptionally weight-loss-friendly. This Story explains why whole eggs are great for weight loss.

Eggs Are Low in Calories

One large egg contains about 74 calories. A meal consisting of 3 boiled eggs, vegetables and sliced avocado can contain under 500 calories.

Eggs Are Very Filling

Eggs rank high on the satiety index, which means they may help you feel fuller for longer. High-protein foods, like eggs, may also help you snack less between meals.

Eggs May Boost Your Metabolism

A high-protein diet may boost your metabolism by up to 80–100 calories per day, since extra energy is needed to help metabolize the protein in foods.

Eggs Are a Great way to Start Your Day

Eating eggs for breakfast may increase your feeling of fullness and make you automatically eat fewer calories later in the day.

Eggs Are Cheap And Easy to Prepare

Incorporating eggs into your diet is very easy. They are inexpensive, widely available, and can be prepared within minutes.


Adding eggs to your diet may be the easiest things to do if you’re trying to lose weight. Eating eggs, especially for breakfast, can be a great addition to a healthy weight loss eating plan.

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