11 significant Health Benefits of Yams

Here are 11 health and nutrition benefits of yams.

1. Packed with nutrition

Yams are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They’re particularly rich in potassium, manganese, copper, and vitamin C.

2. enhance brain function

Yams contain a unique compound called diosgenin, which may enhance memory and brain function.

3. ease symptoms of menopause

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4. May have cancer fighting properties

Animal and test-tube studies suggest that the antioxidants in yams may have anticancer effects. Still, human studies are lacking.

6. May reduce inflammation

The rich antioxidant content of yams helps reduce inflammation related to various diseases. However, more human research is needed to confirm these results.

6. improve blood sugar control

Several animal studies have found that yams improve blood sugar control. The effects are thought to be due to their rich resistant starch and dietary fiber contents.


yams may increase digestive enzymes that help break down food and increase the number of good bacteria in your gut

8. Weight loss

Yam extract reduced food intake, suggesting that these tubers may help reduce appetite and improve weight loss.The fiber in yams may promote weight loss as well

9. Antimicrobial EFFECTS

Though the exact mechanism is unknown, several studies observe that yam extract may protect against certain drug-resistant bacteria.

10. Improved cholesterol levels

In one study, women who ate 18 ounces (390 grams) of yams per day for 30 days experienced a 6% decrease in blood cholesterol levels


Yams are nutritious, versatile, and easy to prepare, making them a great ingredient to cook with.

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