What is K Health?

K Health is a health service that uses AI to find answers about your symptoms. The basic service K Health provides to learn about your symptoms is completely free.

Pros of K Health

– free access to AI assessment of symptoms – low cost medical care – unlimited chat messaging with licensed medical professionals – same-day prescriptions

Cons of K Health

– doesn’t accept health insurance – not appropriate for all medical conditions – doesn’t replace in-person care for emergency care, tests, procedures, and surgeries


According to the company’s website, the costs for K Health services currently are: – $29 for a single visit – $19 per month for unlimited visits – $109 per month for K Therapy

K Health services

You can access a variety of healthcare services with K Health. such as: Urgent care, Primary care, Mental Health care And Pediatric care.

Who is K Health for?

K Health is best for someone looking for information about their symptoms and easy access to virtual medical care.

K Health is not appropriate for someone who may be experiencing a medical emergency. If you experiencing a medical emergency, like a heart attack or stroke, call 911 immediately

How To Get Started With K Health?

Getting started with K Health is simple and easy. Just download the app or go to the company website, and start inputting your information.

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