16 Helpful Tips for Picky Eaters

Here are 16 helpful tips to try with your picky eater.

1. Some kids may be put off by the texture or appearance of certain foods. This is why making foods look appealing to your child is important when getting them to try new dishes.

2. Though you may not realize it, your children are impacted by your food choices. Children learn about foods and food preferences by watching the eating behaviors of others.

3. It’s normal for parents to want to feed their children hearty portions to ensure they get the calories they need. However, when trying new foods, smaller may be better.

4. Often, parents tempt children to try a new food by promising a reward of dessert or treats later. However, this may not be the best way to increase food acceptance.

5. Although picky eating is common in children, it’s a good idea to rule out food intolerances. Pay attention to what your child is refusing to eat by jotting it down in a journal.

6. Serving a meal that contains both new foods and foods that your child already enjoys is the best way to promote acceptance without caving into their demands entirely.

7. One of the most important things that you can do with children to expand their interest in food is to get them involved in cooking, shopping and choosing meals.

8. Dealing with a picky eater can be frustrating, patience is key when attempting to increase your child’s intake and expand food preferences.

9. Creating a fun and pressure-free environment when eating meals is key when dealing with a picky eater. Presenting food in a fun way is another method to get your child interested in eating.

10. Parents should create a distraction-free environment for their children during meals and snacks. Turn off the television and put away toys Also ensure that your child is comfortably seated.

11. While you may not think your child will ever accept new foods, it’s important to keep trying. Offer a small taste of the new food, but don’t force it if your child refuses to take a taste.

12. Getting your child to be mindful and pay attention to feelings of hunger may lead to positive changes in your picky eater. It also allows children to become more in tune with feelings of satiety.

13. Just like adults, children have preferences for certain tastes and textures. Understanding what types of foods your kids like can help you offer them new foods they are more likely to accept.

14. If your child snacks on unhealthy foods like chips and soda, it could negatively impact intake at meals. Offer healthy meals and snacks at consistent times every 2–3 hours throughout the day.

15. Research shows that children are more likely to eat more calories and try more foods when eating with other children. Just like parents, peers can influence a child’s food intake. 

16. While picky eating in children is common, if you feel that you need a professional’s input on your child’s picky eating behavior, contact a dietitian that specializes in pediatrics.

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